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If you’re looking for the best 4 slice toaster for your family, we’re here to help. Not sure where to start looking to get the best deal? Well, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best 4 slice toasters that you’ll find on the market right now.

While they don’t vary a great degree in price, there are definitely some subtle differences between the toasters that you’ll want to note. For example, a 2000 watt toaster could be necessary if you’re doing the school run in the morning and you need that toast pronto! Of course, each design is unique in its build, and you’ll likely want to pick a toaster that fits in with the colour scheme of your kitchen.

Whilst you might not think it’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make, you don’t want to be wasting time buying a toaster that is going to break within a few weeks. Here’ we’ll look at all the specifications of each toaster, and then go into some further detail about what the pros and cons of each toaster actually are. So, ready to find out what the best 4 slice toaster available right now is? Okay!

The Competitors

ModelBreville VTT702Cusimax CMST-140Russell Hobbs FuturaDaewoo KOR9GBPBreville VTT233De'Longhi CTJ4003
Watt2000 Watt1400 Watt1500 Watt1880 Watt1400 watts1800 Watt
Dimensions35.1 x 31.8 x 21.8 cm43.8 x 20.2 x 17.4 cm28.8 x 29.49 x 18.0129 x 25 x 21 cm16.2 x 38.2 x 18.2 cm31 x 29 x 20 cm

Breville VTT702


This Breville Impressions toaster is fantastic if you’re looking for a toaster that will fit any size of bread. If you buying whatever brand is on special at your supermarket, then this would be a great choice. As an all-rounder, it’s the best 4 slice toaster for all variants of bread (in our opinion).

Available in 5 unique colours, the retro design of this toaster will not suit everyone. Though for the people looking to add some real flavour to their kitchen, going for a retro look is not a bad idea. There are many retro kitchen ideas on the internet for you to look through, and this toaster would be a great addition to any retro kitchen.

It also has variable controls to help get your bread to the perfect level of toasted. Whilst you might not think this is a necessity, if you’re fussy about your toast, it most certainly will be. After a few attempts at using different toast browning levels, you’ll surely find a perfect level that you’ll want all your toast to reach. The only problem is that once you have your toast perfect, you never want it any other way!


Wattage: 2000 watt
Dimensions: 35.1 x 31.8 x 21.8 cm
Features: High lift, removable crumb trays
Price Scale: 4/10


  • Classy retro design
  • Really simple to use
  • Easy clean with crumb trays


  • Can’t pop the toast up separately so all toast must be toasted at the same time
  • Having it at full power on 2000 watts will surprise you – you’ll probably burn your first piece.

Cusimax CMST-140


Cusimax are a relatively young company, but we wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be a bad thing. By them being such a young company, they are eager to cement themselves as a valid alternative to brands like Russell Hobbs. This means that their warranty is actually really good, and difficult to beat.

This particular model is stainless steel, and it’s constructed to last you a pretty long time. Although it’s only a 1400 watt model, it actually cooks your toast surprisingly quickly. This is good if you’re in a rush, but be careful you don’t burn your toast!

There aren’t many other things to say about the Cusimax CMST-140. It’s a competent toaster that does pretty much all the basics well. With the features that it has, this makes it a pretty good competitor for the best 4 slice toaster.


Wattage: 1400 Watt
Dimensions: 43.8 x 20.2 x 17.4 cm
Features: Extra wide and long slots, removable crumb trays
Price Scale: 5/10


  • Variable browning control
  • Large size is good for a whole family
  • Good warranty


  • Can’t pop toast separately
  • Cooks toast very fast – watch you don’t burn it

Russell Hobbs Futura


Whilst the Futura might not blow you away with looks, it’s certainly a toaster that will get the job done. Whilst it might be basic, this will suit many people who are just looking for a simple toaster without all the added features and vibrant colours that are now available.

It does all the basic stuff extremely well, and with a Russell Hobbs toaster, you can be sure that they’ll back up their product with a decent enough warranty. It also has a pretty decent frozen bread function, which is specifically designed to.. well, toast your bread from frozen. Whilst you can do this in a regular toaster, the function will help to get your frozen bread to the optimal toasting level, which we all know is incredibly important.

One negative about this toaster is that it seems to be designed for small-normal sized sliced of bread only. If you’re someone who likes massive, huge slices of Warburtons, then you might be better off looking at a toaster with bigger dimensions.


Wattage: 1500w
Dimensions: 28.8 x 29.49 x 18.01
Features: Crumb tray, frozen bread function
Price Scale: 3/10


  • Easy to clean with the crumb tray
  • Decent price
  • Has high lift so you can avoid burning your fingers


  • Plain design won’t be for everyone
  • Doesn’t work great on big slices of bread

Morphy Richards Accents


The Morphy Richards Accents is a complex, multi function cooker that boasts a great number of different functions. These functions definitely put it in competition for the best 4 slice toaster, especially if you’re looking for a toaster that can do pretty much everything.

It has variable controls settings so you can get your toast to optimum brownness. You’ll probably have to set it a few times to get use to it, though eventually you will find a sweet spot and it won’t be long before you’re making the perfect toast! You can easily reheat your toast with the reheat setting, which again is another convenient feature of this toaster. You can also cook your toast directly from frozen with the frozen setting, which is fantastic.

We like the fact that it’s possible to use both sides of the toaster separately, which isn;t always the case with many other 4 slice toasters. It’s available in a massive variety of colours, including some really nice retro blues and ivory creams. All of this combined make this poissibly the best 4 slice toaster on our list.


Wattage: 1880 watt
Dimensions: 25 x 29 x 21 cm
Features: Toast from frozen, easy reheat settings
Price Scale: 4/10


  • Many functions
  • Actually gives you evenly toasted toast unlike some others
  • Deep and wide enough for large slices


  • Dimensionally it’s quite large so might take up too much space
  • Some people might not like the design

Breville VTT233


The Breville VTT233 is a long, sleek toaster that is a great choice if you’re looking to utilize the most of your space in your kitchen. The long, slim design of this toaster makes it a great option to press back against the wall. It really will take minimal space on your work surface, so if that’s a concern, this could be a good option for you.

As with many of the other toasters in our list, it has all the necessary features that you might expect from a 4 slice toaster. Something that sets this toaster apart from the others is its ease of use, due to its simple buttons that light up in red, telling you exactly what to do. Whilst you might not need basic instructions on how to use a toaster, this is important if you want your younger children to start providing for themselves and making their own breakfast. Everyone has to start one day, unfortunately!

The main negative that we see with this toaster is that because it is quite long and sleek, it isn’t particularly deep. This means that whilst it’s good for small slices of toast, if you’re looking for bigger slices, you should probably look at other options.


Wattage: 1400 watt
Dimensions: 38.2 x 16.21 x 18.21 cm
Features: Easy browning controls, high lift to reduce chance of burnt fingers
Price Scale: 4/10


  • Sleek design suitable for any kitchen
  • Wide slots for large bread
  • Reasonably priced


  • Just not tall enough for extra large slices of bread
  • Buttons look kinda cheap

De’Longhi CTJ4003


As you might have guessed from their name, De Longhi is an Italian based company that specialises in the smaller appliances that you have in your kitchen. That includes things like toasters, kettle and toastie-makers. They’ve been around for well in excess of 100 years, so you can be assured that they provide a pretty great warranty.

And in our opinion, they’ve produced the best 4 slice toaster that you can find around at the moment. It’s strong, sturdy, and has all the necessary features that you would need from a toaster. It’s 1800 watts of power that’ll get your toast ready extremely quickly, but not to the degree that it’d be burnt. It also not only has variable temperature controls on the toaster, but it actually has variable width slots, too. That means that no matter what size bread that you buy, you can fit it into this marvellous toaster.

All of these features, and we’re yet to mention it’s fantastic appearance. Whilst it certainly won’t impress everyone, the partially chromed design with a cut diamond effect down the sides is nothing short of fantastic. It would be a great addition to any kitchen.



Wattage: 1800 watt
Dimensions: 31 x 29 x 20 cm
Features: Removable easy clean crumb trays, slots width variable
Price Scale: 8/10


  • Definitely the best looking toaster we’ve ever seen. Ever.
  • Works extremely fast
  • Variable width slots for any size of bread


  • Pretty expensive
  • Sometimes if you pop one side, both sides will pop up unnecessarily

Our Verdict

Whilst we genuinely believe that any of these toasters would be a good addition to your kitchen, we have to make a decision on one. If we had to choose, it would be;

The De Longhi CT4003


We think that this toaster combines everything that is really necessary when looking for the best 4 slice toaster. It’s extremely attractive and is sure to fit into any kitchen.

The main thing that we like about this toaster though is the adjustability of the toaster. The slots are variable in width, meaning that you really don’t need to worry about whether you’re purchasing any size of bread; this toaster is suitable for all of them. It works quickly, and although you might think it’s a bit expensive (it is), it’s a long term investment that you won’t regret.

Thanks for checking out this post! Feel free to stay around the website and check out any of our other informative posts.

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